Stories from a Pandemic Trip: "Tell me, Aunt"

Explore a unique journey. From San José, Costa Rica, sharing her experiences with humor and warmth, capturing the essence of life during Covid-19. Join us in this moving and hopeful story that reveals the strength of human connection in difficult times.

Let yourself be carried away by this literary journey full of reflection and hope!

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I am honored and grateful to welcome you to Arlette Pichardo Muñiz's renewed website. The result of the collaborative work of countless people who orchestrated their creative talent in the heat of primary relationships permeated with affection. A space designed with a view to an enlightened, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing enhancement.    

When I was 25 years old, besides having planted trees, while waiting for the arrival of my son Jorge Luis, I was writing "Planning and Social Programming", the first of its kind published in Costa Rica with several reprints and subsequent editions in Argentina.

The use of my publications in study programs, research, evaluations and in general in the management of public institutions, social organizations and private entities, at international, national, regional and local levels, can be considered as the main achievement of my professional career.

Getting to know Arlette Pichardo Muñiz

Arlette Pichardo Muñiz, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Pioneer of alternative approaches in basic and advanced Planning and Evaluation texts. Known and recognized for several decades for its ability to articulate human talent in the institutional and social environments in which it operates.      

She has spent most of her life experience in and from Costa Rica. In her publications she subscribes herself as Arlette Pichardo Muñiz, in honor to the tradition of that culture that makes her mother's surname visible. Distinguished as Honorary Member of the Evaluation and Monitoring Network of Costa Rica (RedEvalCR). Also considered amongst the Pioneer Women of Sociology in Central America.

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Arlette Pichardo Muñiz

Arlette Pichardo Muñiz's bookshopping, a route leading to an important part of her most recent production (readings and audiovisuals), with access available by free download, redirection to institutional links or direct purchase possibilities. It also includes a general description of contents and recommendations for expansion and complementation.

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Chatting with
Arlette Pichardo Muñiz

Home confinement due to the pandemic reinforces Arlette Pichardo Muñiz's passion for the uses of information and communication technologies, managing pedagogical mediation proposals in Moodle and participating in Webinars and meetings through Zoom, Temas, Google Meet and other virtual platforms.

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"Mi vida con Stephen Hawking. Hacia el Infinito"

"Ciencia, Orden y Creatividad"

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Ciclo de presentación de libros. Centro de Estudios Prospectivos (CEP). Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (UnCuyo). Mendoza, Argentina.

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